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This site is made in Dreamweaver with a little help from Stienes Veldkamp.

For more Frisian music (including music in Frisian language) have a look at Fryske muzyk , friesemuziek.nl and fryske startkabel or Friese cultuur startpagina. For archives you better try Tresoar and streektaal-muzykside. If you feel reasons to share your opinion here is a site to ventilate your judgements about the CD We All Gonna Die+ in Dutch (mening / recensie).

Are you a tenor, bariton or bass singer and do you live near Leeuwarden? ... Amadeus is an excellent opera choir that highly welcomes talented new male singers. If you prefer pearl fishing otherwise have a look at the Sportfisker.

For residence near Leeuwarden try GastopStal in Wyns!

In Leeuwarden bed and breakfast at de Dream is recommended!

For links, linking and linkage e-mail SKUOR@chello.nl






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