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De rok skuort mar SKUOR rockt fierder


The Frisian band SKUOR started around 1979 with their own experimental approach of playing music and singing in their native language ("Frysk"). Together with "Spul" and "Okke Hel" they were the first pop band with lyrics in the Frisian language.

Most of the SKUOR musicians were auto-didacts and at first their technical abilities determined many of the limitations they experienced in playing music. The SKUOR music evolved form rock to new wave and eventually included several SKA songs. Many of the 60 songs that SKUOR composed have been taped on cassette deck. Sometimes as part of live performances, sometimes during the typical Christmas sessions where they used a unique strategy of many cassete decks (using head phones as microphones) to sometimes end up with - in terms of dynamics - high quality demo-tapes. Also, the regional broadcasting station Radio Fryslân (nowadays known as Omrop Fryslân) registered SKUOR two times. Once in their studio (june 1982) and once during a live concert that SKUOR gave together with at that time the only other Frisian-singing rock band, Okke Hel (february 1984). Some of these tapes are probably worth listening to for those who are interested in early Frisian pop, or those who wanted to know how Ype & the Schavers sounded before SKUOR had transformed into the latter. Indeed, the last concert of SKUOR was in 1985 and in 1986 they started singing in English and playing in a much more robust manner than before. For info on Ype & the Schavers click in the left upper corner. For more info about SKUOR try to understand Frisian and browse through these pages or request further information at Enjoy !

SKUOR made a selection of their best MP3 files. These are easy to download and burn on your own CD. Print out the front and back cover for your own copy of "SKUOR - No, it alderbêste!"

You can also write (for example send a nice post card) to:

SKUOR client services

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